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  1. Hello. Someone from your station tweeted us for a copy of The Lakeside Drive Band new release “I Could Never Miss You”
    We would like to email you a copy. Just need an address.

  2. Love your station and music ! I am Charles ( Big Daddy ) Stallings and I am going to release a new CD in February , can I send it to you guys ? it have some great beach music on it ! who can I send it to and address , Thanks !

  3. My name is Jamm’n Jay (Jaime Paiva) and I was also a broadcaster on Live365 for about 8 years. I am still in the process of exploring where to go and what to do in terms of continuing my online radio programs. I found this website and have been streaming your radio shows online. How are you handling the licensing? Did you get your own license, or are you using a service? I could really use some advice. And do you have an email address where I can contact you/keep in touch with you?

    Here is my email address: jay@jammnjay.com


  4. Jaime,
    I followed up with you via email. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, it was tough when Live 365 went under, but there are a few other options. I’ll be happy to share how we run our operations. Our email is wavebeachmusic at gmail dot com

    Note to others, No spam, please!

  5. A Georgia Band, performing a Georgia Style Beach Music Song (think of “The Tams Meet the Allman Brothers!”), about a Georgia Beach! (Tybee Island)

    What a concept!


    “Tybee Lady” by the Fried Combo, here in Atlanta, has now been released on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify, and about a dozen other digital music stores.

    Here is the YouTube version:


    The song is going to be broadcast on WRHQ 105.3 FM, Savannah, on Sunday evening between 8:00 – 9:00 pm.


    Other Beach Music stations around the southeast are taking a listen to the song, and the City of Tybee Island, needless to say, is THRILLED to have their very own Beach song!!

    THANKS so much for giving it a listen, and any advice on how we can make the Beach Music Chart would be greatly appreciated!

    It’s time for a NEW Beach Music HIT, and we think “Tybee Lady” will be IT!!

    (Don’t mean to rhyme every time!)

    May we hear back from you?


    David Young
    The Fried Combo
    Decatur, GA

  6. Meet Katy & Phil at Duck’s while Tommy & Christina Black where playing music last Thursday. Really enjoyed your company. This my friend & I first SOS, hope we can make another. Didn’t know you could have so much fun at the Beach. I am tuned to your station now, super music! David Stuart, my friend was David Haigler

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