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  1. Hello. Someone from your station tweeted us for a copy of The Lakeside Drive Band new release “I Could Never Miss You”
    We would like to email you a copy. Just need an address.

  2. Love your station and music ! I am Charles ( Big Daddy ) Stallings and I am going to release a new CD in February , can I send it to you guys ? it have some great beach music on it ! who can I send it to and address , Thanks !

  3. My name is Jamm’n Jay (Jaime Paiva) and I was also a broadcaster on Live365 for about 8 years. I am still in the process of exploring where to go and what to do in terms of continuing my online radio programs. I found this website and have been streaming your radio shows online. How are you handling the licensing? Did you get your own license, or are you using a service? I could really use some advice. And do you have an email address where I can contact you/keep in touch with you?

    Here is my email address: jay@jammnjay.com


  4. Jaime,
    I followed up with you via email. Thanks for getting in touch. Yes, it was tough when Live 365 went under, but there are a few other options. I’ll be happy to share how we run our operations. Our email is wavebeachmusic at gmail dot com

    Note to others, No spam, please!

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